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Who we are and what we do

  • We focus and specialize in listening and spoken language.
  • We have an Educational/Developmental model. We don’t believe that we are here to “fix” children, but to help them build skills and confidence. Concurrently, we are doing the same in our guidance with parents and care providers.
  • We offer a continuum of services that includes First Words birth to 3 years and their families, Pre-school, Pre-kindergarten and Primary classes (kindergarten through grade 3) and Hearing Resource teacher support for students in independent schools (Kindergarten through Grade 12).
  • We provide ongoing learning experiences that support building listening, language, social and readiness skills for successful integration into general education schools.
  • Our First Words Program is for ages Birth to 3 years (or when diagnosed). After First Words, the time is right for the children to participate in a preschool, just as they would if they were 3 year olds with typical hearing. Our specialized preschool focuses on each child’s individualized goals in a group setting.
  • We offer individual sessions for children and families even though they are not enrolled in our classes.
  • We foster opportunities for children and families to interact with other children and adults who use amplification.
  • We have a multi-disciplinary approach – Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Listening and Spoken Language Specialists, Early Childhood Educators,  Speech Language Pathologists, Occupation Therapist, Audiologist.
  • We offer Centre-based and Home-based services for lower mainland families. Outreach services through video-conferencing and visits to families outside the lower mainland yet within BC are unique to each family, depending upon the child’s needs. Our team can be the primary service provider or can provide consultation to the family or members of the child’s team, including DSPs and daycare providers and CDCs.
  • There are ongoing parent education and support, both formal and informal. This includes Parent Child Mother Goose Program, weekly class meetings with teachers, social events, volunteer opportunities and meet-ups in the hallway or on the playground.
  • Families are welcomed into a friendly, family-centred and professional environment.