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Morning Music

Every morning all of the children, parents (when able) and staff gather together for morning music. Morning music addresses the following developmental and educational areas for the children:

  • Stretching, dancing and moving prepare the children for a day of learning. Listening and speaking are whole body experiences.
  • Children learn to track speakers and listen in a large group. Their classes are small and this prepares them for a larger class size.
  • The younger children learn from the older children by example, and the older children have a chance to experience the confidence of speaking up and leading.
  • Parents have a chance to learn the songs and listen to the various strategies being used
  • Every professional in the school knows all of the children, so that in our case conferences we can collaborate, and as they transition from year to year, there are no gaps in intervention.
  • The children learn to recognize songs through instrumental music –key in their listening skill development.
  • Each week there is a “Mystery Reader” that comes to read a story to the children, helping them to listen and focus in a group and listen to different voices and ways to communicate. We often have grandparents, volunteers, a family friend or a high school student volunteer.
  • We learn language through music. If you haven’t heard a song for along time, you are still able to remember the lyrics. There is apart of our brain that remembers language through music. This is key in the children’s language development.
  • It is fun and community building.