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Itinerant Services

Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC’s Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing support teachers and students in independent schools kindergarten through to Grade 12 in BC. These services are delivered in person to students in Greater Vancouver and across BC through a combination of video-conferencing, regularly scheduled visits and ongoing communication with the student’s team of professionals.

We work with school administration, parents, teachers and other professionals (community health audiologists, Speech Language Pathologists, occupational therapist, Sunny Hill Hospital professionals, and Children’s Hospital professionals). The level and kind of support needed to foster successful academic, social and emotional progress is determined through consultation with all team members, and is reflected in the student’s Individualized Education Plan. Factors considered are the student’s degree and type of hearing loss, if there are any communication needs, academic needs and other potential challenges in addition to hearing loss.

Our itinerant teachers provide regularly scheduled, individual pull-out instruction, push in to the classroom or video-conferencing to continue to develop auditory, speech, language and written skills, as required.

Developing communication skills by:

  • Enhancing speech development/articulation.
  • Expanding expressive and receptive language.
  • Developing and remediating spoken language.
  • Promoting appropriate social pragmatic behaviour.

Academic support by:

  • Supporting the academic curriculum in all subject areas that relate to language.
  • Developing and refining literacy skills.
  • Pre-teaching and reviewing subject area material or providing enrichment to expand and support learning opportunities.
  • Providing activities that promote critical thinking skills.
  • Monitoring the student’s academic progress.