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Monthly Giving

Hearing Hero Monthly Giving Program

Become a Hearing Hero!

With most households operating on a monthly payment cycle, it makes sense that more donors like you are opting for the ease and convenience of giving on a monthly basis.

Monthly giving is a quick and convenient way to make a significant contribution that will greatly impact the lives of countless deaf and hard of hearing children and their families!

Monthly giving partners provide Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre with stable funding, allowing us to plan programs with the comfort of knowing that we have a reliable flow of donations from supporters like you. Even small donations of $20 a month add up, making a significant impact on deaf and hard of hearing kid’s lives.

Your dedication to the Centre’s success makes you a true Hearing Hero, impacting the lives of deaf and hard of hearing kids throughout BC!

By becoming a Hearing Hero:
  • Your donation will automatically be charged to your Visa or MasterCard each month.
  • You will receive one consolidated tax receipt at the end of the year.
  • Help reduce our administration and processing costs allowing us to put more of your donation to work.
  • Be invited to exclusive donor appreciation events held by the Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC

Join our Hearing Hero partners today!

Contact Information
If you would like more information on how to donate to Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC please email development@childrenshearing.ca or call 604-437-0255.