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Celebration and Tribute Gifts

In memory
A gift in memory of someone special is a thoughtful and caring way to express sympathy while helping Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC.

Special occasion gifts
A special occasion gift is a unique opportunity to let family members, friends or colleagues know that you are thinking of them on a birthday, birth of a new baby, wedding, anniversary, retirement, graduation, or holiday in lieu of gifts. You can make a charitable gift for any of life’s special celebrations!

Grateful gifts
A grateful gift says thank you to someone whose generous support or spirit has touched your life.

Donate now

When your gift is received, we will send an attractive, personalized notification card to the individual or family being honoured or next of kin. The amount of your gift will be kept confidential and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation.


Contact Information
If you would like more information on how to donate to Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC please email development@childrenshearing.ca or call 604-437-0255.