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How we do it

Our goal is to integrate students with the skills they need for success, academically and socially.

First Words, our program for children from birth to three, is a close collaboration between teachers and families. Parents have opportunities to learn about  hearing loss and typical development in a caring and home-like environment, while being guided and taught how to help their child learn to listen and speak.

Following that, Preschool and our Language Acceleration Programs provide group and one-to-one sessions addressing each child’s specific learning needs. Small, individually focused, on-site classes begin at age three and continue, if recommended, through the primary grades. During this complex educational effort children receive on-site audiological services which ensure constant access to listening through well monitored hearing evaluations and appropriate hearing devices.

In addition we offer occupational therapy services, speech and language therapy, parent education and support, before and after school care, music education,and summer camp.

We strongly believe that finances should not restrict a hearing impaired child from a listening and spoken language education. With the generous support of private donors we are able to offer scholarships and bursaries to our students.

What we do is provide full access to the hearing world, maximize opportunities, and open doors for hearing impaired children.